Z.O.D.I.A.K. (Zodiacal Order of Divergent Indestructible Animal Knights) is an elite team of mercenary operatives which act as Neo-Human muscle. 

Founder Dragon
Leader Dragon
Notable Members N/A
Headquarters Unknown
Locations Unknown
Status Active
First Appearance N/A


Z.O.D.I.A.K. was founded as a secret society of powerful and privilieged families from throughout the world, who experimented on shapeshifters. This was all in an attempt to control the shifters and use them as supernatural warriors to further their cause of world domination. Each family took on an animal avatar which represented an animal from the Zodiac, which they used as their sigil. The ultimate goal of the organization is to create a new humanoid species which blends human and animal DNA, so that they may secretly rule the world. 

Z.O.D.I.A.K. MembersEdit

  • The Dragon – the wisest of them all
  • The Tigress - the stealthiest of them all, with unmatched ferocity
  • The Rooster – the loudest and most proud
  • The Boar – the dirtiest and most gluttoniest of them all
  • The Snake - the least liked of them all
  • The Monkey - the most agile of them all
  • The Rabbit - the most elusive speedster
  • The Horse -  the most majestic of them all 
  • The Ox - the inhumanly strong, yet extremely gullible 
  • The Dog -  the most loyal
  • The Rat - the least trusted of them all

New MembersEdit

  • The Lion – the NEW leader of Z.O.D.I.A.K., he is by far the most powerful and cunning on the team.
  • The Ram – The stubborn, impatient and perhaps the most solitary member of the team.
  • The Bull – A powerhouse, of immense strength
  • The Shark – An aquatic, calculating and ferocious adversary who survives at any cost 
  • The Crab – The cantankerous, cynical veteran with deadly pinchers
  • The Centaur – The hoofed archer with deadly arrows
  • The Scorpion Sting – the arachnid with a deadly sting
  • The Scale – a being with the ability to increase the mass (weight) of whatever he can hear, smell or touch…she’s blind.
  • The Twin – a split personality where what you see, isn’t always what you get
  • The Goat – a devourer and conqueror of all he sees
  • The Virgin – a seducer of men that leaves them changed forever
  • The Elephant – by far the strongest in brute strength and most wizened. 
  • The Antelope – the swiftest and perhaps the most compassionate
  • The Wolf – the most solitary member of the team and the best tracker/hunter
  • The Bear – a brutish powerhouse capable of fierce savagery