1000 BC – The Progeny discover the Earth dimension, making their presence known. They are acknowledged as the GODS of world mythology.

1200 BC – Jason & the Argonauts

5 BC – Birth of Jesus Christ

30 BC – Death and resurrection of Jesus Christ

465 – King Arthur is born.

496 – King Arthur defeats the Saxons at the Siege of Mount Badon.

542 – Death of King Arthur

850 – Homer pens the events of the Iliad

1195 – The Legend of Robin Hood begins.

1200 – The Progeny enter the Great Slumber/Zelphius begins to hunt down the other Progeny in an attempt to steal their power.

1427 – Kokuou forms COVEN (Council of Vampires and Earthly Nightmares)

1431 – Kokuou and Lilith conceive Vlad Tepes who eventually becomes Dracula.

1462 – Vlad Tepes (Dracula)

1564 – William Shakespeare is born.

1614 – Countess Elizabeth Bathory

1653 – Kokuou enters into a state of suspended animation in order to gain sufficient power to conquer humanity.

1625 – The Three Musketeers band together.

1755 – Stan Kirby is born.

1775 – The American Revolutionary War begins.

1776 – Declaration of Independence is signed.

1783 - The American Revolutionary War ends.

1787 – The United States Constitution is adopted/Dr. Victor Frankenstein creates the Frankenstein Monster.

1853 – Zorro appears.

1860 – George Neal is born.

1869 – Grigori Rasputin is born.

1887 – Sherlock Holmes first appears/Frankenstein Monster is revived.

1897 – Dracula arrives in London/Dr. Abraham Van Helsing destroys Dracula.

1898 – The Hell Hunters are founded by Dr. Van Helsing, T. Sawyer & Mina Harker.

1902 – Solomon Knight is born.

1910 – Sherlock Holmes discovers that he is an immortal.

1914 – Rasputin is thought to have been executed however; he survives and discovers he’s immortal.

1939 – World War II begins.

1947 – Cold War between the US and Russia begins.

1962 – An attempt to assassinate President John F. Kennedy is thwarted by S.N.E.A.

1963 – President John F. Kennedy is assassinated.

1970 – World Governments confirm the existence of preternatural creatures.

'1975 – The Vampire and Lycanthrope Nations enter into a secret treaty with 'the World Governments called The Night Shift Treaty.

1979 – A terrorist cell known as The Aswad Mawt ran by a terrorist known as ROC plants a bomb in a Philadelphia park.

1984 – Sherlock Holmes creates WATSON ('World Access Trans-communication Surveillance Operating Network) in memory of his dearest friend Dr. John H. Watson'.

1997 – The Van Helsing Group is founded by Dr. Harrison Van Helsing the great, grandson of Dr. Abraham Van Helsing.

2000 – S.C.A.N. (Special Covert Agent Network) is formed.

2011 – Dr. Gregory Jacobs is bonded with a symbiotic suit and becomes Impetus.