Baroness Gretchen Jaeger is the daughter of the late Albert Jaeger, heiress to the Jaeger fortune and current CEO of the Jaeger Institute. Since taking over the reins of the Institute fifteen years ago, it has experienced unprecedented growth and political influence. She’s extremely well connected in the German Parliament and those of other European nations. Because of this, she has established a powerful network of political allies. It should go without saying that Ms. Jaeger has been on INTERPOL’s radar for some time now.  For all intents and purposes, the organization is used primarily as a means of supporting and promoting political parties with a focus on nationalism and futurism within the German government. The institute has recently endorsed industrialist and technologist, Heinrich Wykmer as the new German Chancellor. Wykmer is the grandson of Dr. Helmut Wykmer, a major contributor to the restoration of the Reichstag Building during the German unification. As an industrialist, Heinrich Wykmer has made some very important strides in the development of clean energy technologies. He has kept his advances secret and has recently hinted at a big reveal in the days following his potential election.

Two months ago during the course of an unrelated investigation, INTERPOL accidentally stumbled upon a shell corporation they believe provided backdoor funding to the Jaeger Institute. The donations traced back to Jaeger sent up red flags that the foundation was being used as a front for international money laundering. An undercover agent was sent in to pose as a potential investor, but almost immediately fell off the grid.

Heinrich Wykmer is the CEO of Wykmer Technologies, a technology innovations firm located here in Berlin. He has been listed on the Forbes 500 consecutively for the past seven years. However, through Wykmer Technologies, he controls various technology and design firms and has a reputation as a shrewd businessman. His recent entry into the political arena was backed by a new German political party known as the Futurist Movement. The Jaeger Institute has been a major supporter of the Futurist Movement, therefore the institute has helped to raise millions of dollars for his campaign. Wykmer plans to unseat our current Chancellor and refocus our government interests in favor of extreme nationalism and futurist goals. A shift like this threatens to further alienate Germany from the rest of the global community. Given the current political climate, it could solidify Germany’s unification efforts or it could undo them. The latter would be disastrous given the unification efforts the nation has worked so hard to achieve since the fall of the Berlin Wall.