Codename: Knight Ranger

The God Particle Conspiracy

Author John F. Allen
Release Date 2015
Pages: N/A
Series Knight Ranger
ISBN Unknown
Codename: Knight Ranger, The God Particle Conspiracy is a novella written by John F. Allen. The story follows the first mission of former U.S. Army Ranger turned superspy/government operative, Captain Alexandre "Neal" Du Bois aka Knight Ranger.  The novella is forthcoming and will be published by Seventh Star Press


When an Interpol agent is murdered and an undercover G.E.N.E.S.I.S. agent goes dark, Captain Alexandre "Neal" Du Bois aka Knight Ranger, is sent to Berlin to investigate. He is accompanied by Dr. Hakim Okafor, an expert in particle physics, whose research in God Particle technology has been stolen and traced back to a political group the missing agent was sent to spy on. As political tensions rise within the German Parliament and threaten to undermine the nation’s hard fought unification, it is up to Knight Ranger to recover the stolen technology and uncover the fate of the missing agent, while thwarting efforts to upset Germany’s political power structure.