A.R.K. (Air/Sea Reconnaisance Kraft) is an advanced aerial vehicle/mobile base with a design and function resembling a steampunk-era airship. The A.R.K. is designed to be capable of sustained, independently powered flight, via three massive engines which combine cutting edge turbines with advanced god particle accelerator technology in order to propel it's massive frame and allow it to hover in the upper limits of the atmosphere. G.E.N.E.S.I.S. utilizes A.R.K.'s as elite, strategic mobile bases from which they could perform a number of stealth reconnaissance, tactical relays and/or direct strike operations. 


The A.R.K. is the largest known military mobile base/airship in creation, it has agents from every division of G.E.N.E.S.I.S. onboard and it is the primary airbase of the organization—much like the correlation between the acronym G.E.N.S.I.S. and Noah’s Ark.


The A.R.K. has advanced weapons and cloaking capabilities like no other aircraft employed in any of the world’s military. The Ark’s wing turbines can move rotate in at a 90 degree angle and independent of each other. This allows for them to act as VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) engines, and can be used to change the direction of the plane in mid-air. The Ark serves as the mobile base for G.E.N.E.S.I.S. personnel and for members of Shadow Corps —a response team focused on large scale preternatural terrorist operations. The A.R.K. is an airship that is also seaworthy and capable of  VTOL flight by way of four huge engines mounted on the sides. The ARK has experimental cloaking technology built into its hulls, which makes it virtually invisible to normal human vision below a certain elevation . The airship is also capable of scrambling and reconfiguring any data picked up on even the most advanced radar systems. The A.R.K. is the only G.E.N.E.S.I.S. vehicle that uses this technology.